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Whether you are looking at how you use money, time, or any other source of energy to achieve your goals, Maria Nemeth has discovered a way for you to do it. And do it with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Maria Nemeth uses an effective and accessible coaching model that she developed, and has empowered thousands throughout the world to move beyond self-limiting thoughts, worries, and doubts. As a result, they accomplish more in less time with less effort. Her work supports people in being productive and effective while making their own unique contribution.

Her outstanding presentation skills, combined with her unique perspective, warmth, compassion, and humor, provide a fascinating, focused, and fun approach to topics. As a result, areas that are often difficult to face—such as time and money—come alive with possibility and promise. The tools she teaches are simple yet powerful. People immediately see how to incorporate them into whatever they are doing. They experience hope and gratitude as they attain tangible results with ease.

The core principles Dr. Nemeth teaches are based on more than thirty years of tested personal research, developing and leading hundreds of successful seminars and workshops. Her lectures are an outgrowth of her extensive background as a licensed clinical psychologist. She has served as a professor in the California UC system, as well as a director of clinical programs assisting alcohol and substance abuse clients. She has twenty years experience in coaching and counseling individuals and groups in state and federal agencies, profit and nonprofit corporate settings, as well as coaching and counseling individuals.

She has authored articles and three successful books, including The Energy of Money for which she was featured on Oprah. Her nine-hour audio cassette tapes of The Energy of Money won the 1999 Audie award for Best Personal Development Series. Maria’s writing works to bring about powerful results and make significant, lasting contributions. Her newest book, Mastering Life’s Energies: Simple Steps to a Luminous Life at Work and Play, is written with the intent to make these principles widely available.

As a Master Certified Coach, the Founder and Executive Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, an International Coach Federation accredited training program, Maria Nemeth is an international leader in the field of coach training, and personal and executive development.

The focus of her life is supporting people in discovering their own capacity, abilities, and talents and the development of a worldwide connected coaching community concentrating on individual and professional empowerment where success includes making a unique contribution.

Watch as Maria explains her coaching philosophy